How pride leads to shame

Why Pride Leads To Shame

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Proverbs 11:2
When pride comes [boiling up with an arrogant attitude of self-importance], then come dishonor and shame, But with the humble [the teachable who have been chiseled by trial and who have learned to walk humbly with God] there is wisdom and soundness of mind.

Key to remember:

Pride is not confidence; and humility is not lack of confidence. The opposite is true.

Why Pride Leads To Shame:

Here are 5 things I’ve learned about why pride leads to shame.

1. You are closed to instruction.

You have mistaken needing to learn something with stupidity. It is not the same. Ignorance (not knowing information) is not the same as negligent stupidity.

2. You make decisions based on insecurity

Pride is really a manifestation of insecurity. When you are secure, there is no need for boasting or arrogance.

Example: If a six year old boy comes up to me and wants to fight, do I get offended? Upset? Angry? Defensive? Of course not! I don’t feel threatened because he has no power over me. He cannot hurt me. I’m bigger, faster and well trained.

Point? If you find yourself getting defensive and feeling threatened, it’s because you are not secure in your identity.

3. You make decisions based on self preservation.

You don’t see things as a ‘win-win’ scenario; but you see things as a ‘win-lose.’ Compromise equals losing in your mind. This is a wrong belief.

4. Your identity is in the wrong thing.

Pride is an indication that your identity is in something other than what God says about you.

It’s in your achievements, accomplishments, success. While these things are not wrong in themselves (we all want to succeed), when those things become the anchor of your identity, you are on shaky ground.

5. You value things that pass away instead of things that have eternal value.

When your values are wrong, small, or transient, you will always tend to move in the realm of pride. The kind of pride that leads to shame. Wrong values lead to wrong actions. Which lead to wrong outcomes.

What about you? Has do you struggle with pride?

What has God been teaching you about overcoming pride?

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