What Do You Do With Obstacles?

Douglas Nolan here…

What do you do with the obstacles you face in life?

Let’s face it…

We all encounter them, but the question is…

What do we do with them?

How do we see them?

Obstacles are detours and road blocks, not dead ends.

We tend to look at obstacles in life as final decisions by God. As if God was saying, ‘That’s it. Go no further!

They are not.

Let me ask you another question:

If you are driving down the road and you see a sign across the road that says, ‘Detour.’ What do you do?

Do you put your car in park and sit there until someone comes along to give you a ride back home?

Do you turn around and go home?

Or do you look to see where the detour is taking you?

Do you find the path that will lead you to your destination?

Do you find a map? Put your destination into your GPS and reroute?

If you are smart you do the latter.

Yet too many people encounter obstacles, and instead of seeing them as a hurdle to get over, or detour to re-route, they interpret them as a ‘dead end.’

Notice that I said, they ‘interpret’ them as a dead end. It is our interpretation of events, situations and circumstances that determines our destiny. We can choose to see them as a minor detour. Or we can see them as a sign to quit.

It may be cliché, but ‘Quitters never win!’ Ever. They can’t because they stop doing what is necessary to win.

How do you see the obstacles in your life?

Are they hurdles?

Or do you tend to see them as ‘dead ends!’? It’s a choice you have to make.

I’m here to tell you today…You are not finished. God has more for you.

So don’t give up. Just take your time, look around, and you’ll discover God may have a slight detour, but you will make it. You will get there.

Be encouraged…

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Towards an Incredible Life,

J. Douglas Nolan

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