Restoring Your Vision 

by J. Douglas Nolan

Restoring Your Vision 3d Book cover
Here's what you'll discover in Restoring Your Vision:
  • Six Marks of a Broken Life.   And how you can change them and get your life back.
  • How the 'gospel' is really about the good news of God's rule in our lives...and why that is so important.
  • God's Big Picture and What it Means for You
  • Why Hope is Often the Most Under-rated quality of life...And Why it is the Key to Ignite your Faith
  • AND MORE...

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Walt Hill
If you're looking to gain greater clarity and focus for your journey, identify and overcome pesky stumbling blocks, or simply reignite your intimacy with the Lord, then this is an excellent read

Book Chapters Include:

God's Ultimate Purpose

Understanding the big picture empowers you to align your life with God's will and purpose.

Hope - The Help You Need To Heal

Discover what hope really is...and how powerful it is to get your life back on track.

Desire - Say It and Release It

Find out why desire is the key to motivation because we pursue the things that get our attention and capture our heart.  Learn to cultivate the right kind of desires to rebuild your life.

Knowledge - Understanding Your Covenant Rights

Find out why what you don't know is actually destroying your life.  God wants you to know what He you can live the kind of life He desires for you.

And So Much More...

More Things You'll Learn from Restoring Your Vision...

  • Why bad stuff happens in life. Just knowing this can save you from a ‘world of hurt!’ And help you get the right perspective on your problems.
  • Why desire is not a bad thing. This truth turned my life around and set me free.
  • Six steps to cultivating the right kind of desire in your life. If you put this into action, you will accelerate your faith life.
  • Why what you ‘don’t know’ may be killing you. How to tap into the knowledge of God available to every believer.
  • The three things Jesus provides every believer as ‘The Son of David.’ It is not insignificant that Bartimaeus understood this about Jesus. It was the hinge that swung open the door of healing.
  • Four practical steps necessary to claim the promises of God. Don’t let the simplicity of faith cause you to miss it.
  • How we’ve misunderstood the Mercy of God, and why it can revolutionize your life…and your understanding of God.
  • Why people can be your biggest obstacle when receiving from God. And what to do about it.
  • Six simple tools to help you stay focused. Plus five things to add to your ‘To-Do’ list to keep laser focus and see your dreams come true.
  • A six step spiritual workout to help you build persistence, patience and perseverance. Hebrews 6:12 teaches us these are necessary to inherit the promises, so it’s vital to cultivate them in our hearts.
  • How Bartimaeus removed the hindrances to his progress, and what we can learn from his actions.
  • Why forgiveness could be the key to releasing the promises in your life.
  • Why not knowing where you are can keep you from your destiny. Plus five steps to help you fix this problem and get your life moving in the right direction.
  • The four sides of faith and why you need to know them. This will help you get the right perspective on faith so you can walk in victory.
  • Discover the currency of the kingdomand how to spend it.
  • Why denigrating the things of God will keep you from receiving, and to avoid this ‘faith destroyer.’
  • Five Vital Keys to Following Jesus.
  • And so much more…

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About the Author: J. Douglas Nolan

Douglas lives in Colorado Springs, CO with his wife, Michelle. They have a blended family of four adult children [Seth, Whitney, Lauren and Hailey] and (currently) five grandchildren.

He teaches at churches, conferences, retreats and conventions; but spends most of his time writing.

The thing that gets me up every day is a deep desire to know Jesus Christ, and to help others know him better. I believe the call to make disciples is our primary mission in life. To that end I labor!

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At the heart of the book...

The story of Blind Bartimaeus offers hope. Scripture often says Jesus was moved with compassion.

This miracle, and many others, were demonstrations of love. They were statements that: · People have value. · God is good. · He cares about us.

Bartimaeus' story is a moving drama of how God cares about humanity.  It is more than just a blind man who recovered his sight.  In this story God reveals something about His nature and character, and His path to our wholeness.

Like the opening melody of a great musical score, this story gives way to layers of truths that God has built into the text. With each line there is a new stanza that builds upon the previous melody.

In the end, a grand chorus climaxes to a tremendous crescendo. Two basic lessons apply. First, the underlying concept or truth that is the basis for this story. God wants us to know: · Something about Him. · Something about us. · Something about life.   Second, like the movements of a great musical masterpiece, these truths build with each new verse. In the end, we see a series of basic steps whereby we can regain our vision and become whole.

Walt Hill, Minister

A refreshing, insightful and inspiring blend of biblical truth, real-life conditions, and practical application.

DeShay Perry, Author

Jaron and I have begun to read your book!! It's amazing! He said he started at work and didn't even want to put it down!

Restoring Your Vision 3d Book cover
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how to receive the word cd

BONUS: How To Receive The Word of God

Hearing is not believing!  AND just because you hear something does not mean you receive it.  The Bible has very clear instructions on what it means to receive...and exactly how to receive from God.

The Word of God is your seed!  It contains everything you need to win in life.  In this 4 part series, J. Douglas Nolan gives practical steps to receiving all God has for you when you plant the Word.​

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