Five Reasons Given In 1 Samuel 8:19-20 Israels history with God is sketchy. It often amazes us (on this side of the experience) why they would do the things they did in the Bible. One of the questions I’ve often asked is, ‘Why did Israel demand a king?‘ 1 Samuel 8:19-20 […]

Why Did Israel Demand a King?

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Lessons From The Book of Ruth I believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God. It is…God’s communication to man about God Himself, mankind, life, truth, purpose, and most important, the Christ and His kingdom. It is far more than a compilation of people’s opinions about God. No! It […]

What God Has In Store

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Lessons from the Book of Judges First things first… I realize and understand that we are under a different and New Covenant. We are not under the old Covenant As Old Testament Israel was. Our covenant is based upon better promises and is in fact a better Covenant. But does […]

What Can The Book Of Judges Teach a Christian?

8 things I learned from Samson
Stories capture our attention. Great teachers throughout the centuries have used stories to inspire, teach and proclaim truth. Jesus himself was a great story teller. He used Parables to convey deep spiritual truth. In fact, the Bible is full of stories. God seems to love setting the context of our […]

8 Things I Learned From the Story of Samson

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This morning my wife, Michelle, and I were talking about a ministry situation and the question came up: Where is the balance between knowing when to get involved personally and when to let the person wrestle their way to God for themselves? That’s a tough question. To be honest, there […]

My Words Are Spirit And Life

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Blind Bartimaeus Was… You can download the first two chapters free here. Or you can buy now for $10. Retail price is $16.99 but I’m offering this special deal to those who purchase through my website, plus I’ll send you a bonus just for ordering today. Special Price: $10 plus […]

Reading the Story of Blind Bartimaeus for the First Time