Did you hear the one about…

I know you’ve heard the story…

But it’s worth repeating.

A man was searching desperately for a lost item.

He scoured the ground around him.  Turning over every leaf, rock and blade of grass.

Finally another man noticed him.  Curious, he approached the man who was obviously in desperation mode searching for the lost item.

‘What are looking for?’ the man asked.

‘I lost my diamond watch.  I’ve got to find it.  It was an anniversary gift from my wife.  I can’t lose it.  I just can’t.  It’s precious to me!’ said the searcher.

‘That’s terrible.  I’ll help you find it!’ the onlooker said.

They both searched for about 30 minutes.  No stone was left unturned.

Finally the onlooker said, ‘We’ve searched this entire area three times.  It’s just not here.  Where were standing when you lost it?’

The searcher replied, ‘Oh, I was around the corner.  But the light is so bad over there, I thought I would look here because I can see better!’

Wow!  Would make me laugh but I see this same scenario lived out in real life over and over.

Problem is…most people aren’t self aware enough to even realize they are searching in the wrong places.

And here’s the big pitch…drum roll please…

The Bible has the answers you are looking for!

I encourage you to read the Bible today.  Take time to allow God’s Spirit to speak to you through His Word.

J. Douglas Nolan


PS:  I had to put the Wisdom for the Day video’s on hold.  When I changed my hosting company I had several days where the site was down and it took me a while to fix the problem.  Since then, my schedule has been more demanding so I decided to them on hold for a short time.  I will keep you updated.  And thanks for watching.

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