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This page shares snippets and stuff I record on video.  Some are courses I’ve developed (or am developing), while others are just random topics I want to talk about.  Truth is, sometimes its easier to video a thought than it is to take the time to write it out.  As such, most of the videos are not studio quality.  It’s just me and the camera (usually my ipad) and most of the time it’s totally unscripted.  But it is all designed to encourage, teach and share my thoughts on the things God is teaching me.

I try to keep the videos organized, but as you can tell, it’s a constant battle to track them and order them properly.  At any rate, they are somewhat ordered here by series topic.

Limitless God Series

This is a 5 part series I just did in one day.  It’s taken from Psalm 78:41 where God informs the nation of Israel that they have limited Him.  This concept fascinates me.  It’s amazing to think that our decisions affect how God works in our  lives, but it is true.  The level and depth of His work is greatly dependent on our faith and trust in Him.

Series on Our Limitless God









The Grace of God

What is the Grace of God about?  Grace has been defined in many ways.  Moses had a particular way to describe it.  In this video, Douglas Nolan explores what Moses said to God about His grace in Exodus 33.