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This contains a list of eBooks, Books and Courses I have available.  I recently published my first major book with True Potential Media.  It’s been a life long dream and I’m very excited.  You can find it on Amazon, but it’s cheaper if you order from here.

I also have e-Books for free download.  I have them listed below along with e-Courses [future] that help you grow in your relationship with God and discover your life purpose.  Those two things are my passion and life’s work.

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Restoring Your Vision 3d Book cover


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This eBook is about what it means to be a new creature in Christ.  It takes a sweeping, big-picture approach of this subject.  The last segment is a practical guide that lists key scriptures with a short commentary.


Our Identity in Christ Notebook


I’ve always been a big believer in the power of words.  In this book I present 11 reasons we should bring our words into agreement with God.  It’s practical, and insightful.  You’ll understand why God puts emphasis on our confession when you read this eBook.


The Power of Agreeing With God


Faith isn’t just a New Testament concept.  Faith has always been the currency of the Kingdom.  The ancient King Solomon distilled five keys to developing strong faith.  These are the same lessons we see repeated under the New Covenant apostles.  If you are tired of struggling to grow your faith and want to discover what the wisest man in the Old Testament said about it, you need to read this important eBook by J. Douglas Nolan.

Five Keys To Strong Faith ebook