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Be Perfect! Say What?

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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about God. Sounds funny coming from a guy who makes most of his living writing about God.

What I mean is, I’ve been contemplating the real nature of God.

I’ve got an upcoming book I’m working on with a working title, ‘What Is God Like?’

This is an important theme. If we get this wrong, we get it all wrong.

One of the greatest revelations we have of God comes from the mouth of Jesus. He called God ‘Father.’ That was His favorite term. It’s a term of intimacy, care and love.

Every picture we have of God must come through the lens of God as a father. If we do this, we will never err far from truth.

If you read through the Gospel and note the references to God as Father, you will discover some interesting insights.

For example, Matthew 5:43-48 have always been quite troubling; especially for those of us who tend toward perfectionism and are a little hard on ourselves.

When we read this through the lens of God as father, and we note the REAL thrust of the passage, it is liberating, not binding.

Here’s what I’m talking about…


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