About Me

4 Steps To Avoid Making A Bad Decision

My name is J. Douglas Nolan.  I am a writer, speaker, business owner, and entrepreneur.

My wife (Michelle) and I are adventurous entrepreneurs.  We love challenges!  We love to see things grow.  And we tend to invest our lives in both projects and relationships that have the potential to flourish and grow into beautiful things.

My Journey

My journey has been one rife with joy and jeopardy.  Incredible dreams and unfortunate disasters. The sweetness of honey and the bitterness of gall.  Yet, looking back I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  Oh, I would definitely opt out of some of the painful events; but I would never want to lose the life lessons those events taught me.

I am on a pilgrimage to know God better.

And to share His incredible love and power with others.

To get the most out of this blog, I suggest you read the ‘Start Here‘ page.  It breaks down why I do what I do and what this blog is all about.   Once this is clear, my writing makes more sense.

For booking information go to the contact page and shoot me an email.  Please include proposed dates, time, location, etc. [you know what to do!]

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My Latest Book

Also, my first full length non-fiction book was released in 2016.  It’s titled, Restoring Your Vision.   It’s based on the story of Blind Bartimaeus told in the Gospel of Mark (chapter 10);  its packed with life lessons about how to encounter Jesus and receive the wholeness He provides.

You can download the first two chapters free here.

My Challenge

But most of all, join me as I blog and teach about the things God shows me.

It will be an incredible adventure…I promise.

Oh yea, here’s the link to my business sites.

Money Guard Solutions – I help people plan for their financial future.

Medicare Resource Authority – If you are transitioning from the workforce to Medicare, I can help.

You can also read my ‘official ministry bio’ here.

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