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  In todays Periscope “Lunchtime Devotional with Doug and Michelle” we mentioned a book by Henry Cloud and John Townsend called “Boundaries.” This is a great resource if you have relationships that are muddied by life. It’s crucial to learn how to cultivate boundaries in all our relationships.  This book […]

Boundaries Book by Cloud and Townsend

I know this post is different from my usual manner of expatiating about spiritual matters (go ahead, look it up.  you know you want to), but I recently saw this short video of Nashville. This is a birds eye view of my great city! Watch and enjoy… And visit if […]

I Love My City…

I just updated an eBook I wrote several years ago called “The Origin of the New Species.”  I’m offering it as a FREEBIE for a limited time before I put it on Amazon.  You can grab your free copy by clicking the link in the side-bar. As the title suggests, […]

New eBook Available