john 14:6
If This is True… This is part of a series of articles I’m writing as I wrestle through different portions of scripture.  I tackle some of the claims of Jesus asking ‘If this is true…then what?’ Today I want to address what Jesus said to the disciples on his last […]

What Did Jesus Mean When He Said No Man Comes ...

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Why Genealogies Matter Anyone who has read the Bible or attempted to read the Bible has run into those long list of names. You know the ones. The ‘begats.’ ‘So and so’ begat ‘so and so.’ Then ‘so and so’ begat ‘so and so.; Most of the time I just […]

Leaving A Spiritual Legacy

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True story… My wife and I love living in Colorado. We are ‘outdoors’ type people, so we have enjoyed this paradise. One of our favorite things is hiking. We take a pretty long walk every morning (about an hour) and enjoy the beautiful mountains where we live. Usually we walk […]

Rattlesnake On Trail: Awareness In Our Daily Walk

a chess mate situation
What To Do In A Challenging Situation Bring up the word ‘leadership’ and you will elicit a wide variety of responses. Everyone has their idea, or definition, of what leadership is. One person put it this way: Leadership is the ability to move people and projects in the positive direction […]

Dealing With Difficult Leaders

Ok! I have to tell on my wife. This is hilarious. Though I doubt words can paint the true picture. I’ll try anyway. A little backstory… Each weekend Michelle and I find a hiking trail in Colorado that is challenging. We love the adventure and the scenery is amazing. Two […]

Tell Me A Joke

4 Steps To Avoid Making A Bad Decision
A Video Short 4.5 Minutes I’ve been thinking a lot lately about God. Sounds funny coming from a guy who makes most of his living writing about God. What I mean is, I’ve been contemplating the real nature of God. I’ve got an upcoming book I’m working on with a […]

Be Perfect! Say What?